Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Men Will Unite For The Common Good - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

So, we see a time when all men will unite for the common good. This time is one in which men will actively choose and decide upon the course of mankind. The vision begins today and in time grows un-til the day when men realize that they are the masters of their world and take responsibility for all that occurs within human community. We see a day of true concern for the Earth and for the health and general welfare of all inhabitants of your Earthly realm. When you see this, then the vision will begin to take physical form. We ask that you honestly seek a way to make this vision a reality in what you all have termed, future time. Be brave and be bold and dream lofty dreams of a day when mankind will behave in a mature and responsible manner, with a true concern that those yet to come have a healthy environment in which to express their humanity. Be wise and seek the consul of your Self, which is a part of the largest Self that many in your world refer to as God. Bless each day and bless each other and pray for heavenly guidance that can make the way of mankind a bit easier. Seek out those of light and wisdom and build a world of healthy desire. Dream your dreams of tomorrow. A tomorrow that is calm and one that nurtures all that is best within the human spirit.

©  M.N. Hopkins

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Free Your Minds........ A Quotation From M.N. Hopkins

Free your minds from this concentration upon the pains and sufferings of your past and direct your thoughts upon a future that is free from this pain of your own personal making.

© M.N. Hopkins